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Student Government Officers Elected

There may be some changes at our UNC Charlotte soon:

Craven and Markham elected president, VP

CHARLOTTE – April 1, 2011 – After nearly four weeks of campaigning and two days of elections, Dave Craven and Amanda Markham were named UNC Charlotte’s 2011-2012 Student Body President and Vice President during the official results announcement, March 31, 2011.

“We are ready to settle down and fight for the university for next year — we’ve got a lot of good things lined up” said Craven in a statement to NinerOnline shortly after the announcement. “I think building the community and getting everyone back involved in student government and the university is what’s going to be crucial.”

Campaigning on the slogan “Fight for Charlotte,” Craven announced Thursday that the slogan, to him, “means fighting for this university, a university that I have spent three years at and I have a passionate love for.  We are really going to take the heart and fundamentals of this university and go on a large scale with the state of North Carolina and really bring this university out and showcase the greatness we have.”  When asked what Markham most wanted to achieve from the platform, she replied “Community, it’s a big deal for me.”

Craven and Markham, who won with 1,640 votes, were victorious over Raegan Perry and Darryl Bellamy by a margin of 19 votes, the smallest in UNC Charlotte history.  The election achieved a record voter turnout of 13.86%, or 3,294 voters, almost doubling the record turnout achieved in the 2010-2011 elections.

The election also added 22 new Senators to next year’s Student Senate, including Whitney Rice (BCoB), Melissa Stainbeck (BCoB), Yessenia Zuniga (BCoB), Pooja Shah (BCoB), Vrushab Gowda (BCoB), Baxter Craven (CoA+A), Nikhil Padala (CCI), Katie Weaver (CoED), Brittany Smart (CoED), Brandi Finger (CoED), Ashley Gothard (CHHS), Bianca Lambert (CHHS), Adrienne White (CHHS), Ray Atkinson (CLAS), Kenny Bailey (CLAS), Jessica Simpson (CLAS), Amber Spelman (CLAS), Anna Helms (CLAS), Keith Chanakira (CLAS), Ethan J. Kuster (CLAS), Jason Hartsoe (CLAS), and Loren Fouts (CLAS).

Full election results can be found at http://sga.uncc.edu/elections.

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